01OCT2015 - The site has been offline for several years now, and it felt wrong that there should be no trace left of this project. Before "curated content" was a category, webphotomag attempted to gather strong photographic work from authors around the world and provide it to the public in a format that would be both suitable for viewing online or in print form. Today, it feels incredible that the download size used to be a problem...

There is no plan to start webphotomag again, nevertheless if you want to get in touch, feel free to drop me an email jmuffat@webphotomag.com

Issue #0

This is a sample issue designed to show other photographers what the project was going to look like. I went along with applying the process to myself, which was a lot of fun !

 version française
 English version

Issue #5

This last issue is a bit peculiar: in 2006, Simon Larbalestier's photo agency had just closed, and he needed an electronic "book", something he could send around easily to quickly find his new agency. It was an enormous pleasure to put together this very emotional set.